Non-Compliant VW Diesels in California
Expected Annual Cost for Asthma in District
- , Cases
$3,298 - $6,797 cost per person
Number of Non-compliant VW Diesels in district

Asthma rates are based on reported county asthma data. Asthma counts by political district are estimates.

What impact are VW’s non-compliant “clean diesel” cars having on our communities?

In California alone, Volkswagen has sold over 68,000 “clean diesel” cars since 2009. It has been reported that these vehicles actually emit more than 40 times the authorized amounts of NOx and particulate matter.

This interactive map helps tell the story of how these non-compliant VWs are affecting California’s environment, air quality, and communities. Here’s how to explore the data.

Where are the cars, where are they driving, and who does this effect?

  • The VWs are represented by orange dots.
  • Click in a zip code (outlined in white) on the map to see the top 5 commute routes in blue.
  • Turn on Pollution and Poverty Index (lower right) to see levels of Pollution and Poverty in purple.
  • In the top bar, select a district or county you're interested in to view these details for that area.
  • If you select a district, unique counts of the estimated cases of asthma and expected annual costs, and the number of non-compliant VWs are shown for that region.

One possible way to address this would be better electric vehicle infrastructure.

  • Click on EV chargers in green to see where EV infrastructure is located.
  • Click on eVgo chargers in light green to see location of EV chargers installed due to another recent legal settlement.